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There is somewhere around 100 billion online searches completed every month and the social media sites that comprise a large portion of those searches have individual accounts reaching into the billions. There is an unlimited amount of opportunity in these arenas, however, to take full advantage of those opportunities it is absolutely necessary to rank high in the search engines for relevant keyphrases and to fully leverage social media wherever possible along with pay per click advertising such as Google AdWords. Another vital aspect of being successful online is properly gearing your website(s) and/ or marketing campaigns for conversions. If a comprehensive strategy is not successfully applied, your current and potential customers could and most likely will go to your competitors instead of you. We are Dominating Media Group: An online marketing firm with the fundamentals and leading-edge strategies that consistently delivers results in traffic, branding and ROI. How we do it: By custom tailoring a strategy to meet almost any budget constraints around search engine optimization (SEO), search-optimized content and Web design, social media marketing/ optimization (SMM, SMO), conversion optimization and pay per click advertising (PPC). Once this strategy is created we apply it, and you begin to dominate your competition online in every way. Request a proposal from Dominating Media Group right now by contacting us at: 213-2600-DMG.

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What We Do:

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DMG Optimized Content

We access a pool of thousands of authors who are specialists in almost every subject imaginable. We optimize our articles, blog posts, travelogues, product reviews, press releases, product descriptions etc.. for organic search results. We offer extensive services for companies who wish to domiante the Internet for their products and services.

Dynamic Video Content

Many brands are finally realizing the power of video as a traffic and sales generator, producing video content that advertises, compels and informs their customers is key. YouTube is a natural home for this video content, as it’s not only the 2nd largest search engine in many countries (after Google) but also free and easy to use.

Optimize Social Media

Social bookmarking is an effective way to promote your website, because the most popular social networking sites attract large numbers of users they increase your online visibility. We submit links to your website (using keyword driven content) to social networking sites in order to build branding, traffic and search-ability.

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