About Us

Dominating Media is a one stop full force media creation company which utilizes cutting edge technologies in every area and aspect of current online and emerging media. Our strategies have been battle tested time and time again through the combined experience of our management team.

Our Mission

​We are on a mission to create better, more effective content for company websites along with a better user experience Internet wide. It is pretty simple!

Our Team

Our management team comprised of a group of Internet professionals who have a collective work experience in the Internet industry of over 100 years. We diligently strive to be the best at what we do and it reflects in our work.

Our Clients

We take our clients’ privacy very seriously. We have chosen to keep our clients confidential, as most of them, the big ones at least, have asked us to sign agreements with them to not disclose anything pertaining to their business relationship with us. We have no choice but to honor this contractual arrangement. Believe us when we tell you we want to show off our work and who we are working with, however, we have come to the conclusion that this non-disclosure policy just makes life more simple. There are a few clients who we can disclose to potential clients, call us and we will discuss it.

Our Vision

At Dominating Media, we understand the first step to improving your business’s bottom line is to increase website traffic through SEO industry-accepted best practices. Our tried-and-true techniques will improve your website’s visibility in the organic search results, so you can increase your website traffic. The second step to a better bottom-line is to convert your increased traffic into revenue, and our SEO copy and Video content products are also specially designed by our Internet industry professionals to increase conversions, as well. The end result of increased traffic and increased conversions is a substantial improvement in your overall ROI.

Our Methodology

We Believe

Strategy is a process.

We Strategize

Then design, build and strategize more.

We Iterate

Then continue to iterate and then we iterate more.

What We Do Best


Web Development

App Development




Social Media

Team Training

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